Delegate Information

Country Allotment

Thank you in advance for your understanding that we can only assign a country to you after having received the conference fee. In case you haven’t transferred the conference fees, you are requested to proceed immediately.

If we have received your payment, we will send you your representing country and committee. In addition, please note that every country in every committee will be represented by a single delegate. We will try to provide everybody with the country of his/her choice.

Benefits of attending BMEMUN:

  • Develop comprehensive knowledge about various global issues
  • Fosters creative thought processes to solve problems in collaboration
  • Develop skills of negotiation, arbitration, mediation
  • Improve Capability to understand and negotiate market values and economic impact
  • Improve communication, debating and public speaking skills
  • Improve team work and leadership skills
  • Global peer networking
  • Participation in MUN is often looked favourably for university admissions and Job
  • Cultural evenings are a great way to meet new people

What does the conference fee cover?

  • Access to all conference sessions
  • Conference bag
  • Delegate Handbook
  • Conferece featured Merchandise
  • Certificates and 
  • Conference featured Badge
  • Attendance at the Delegate Dance and Dinner
  • Coffee and tea during coffee breaks
  • Lunches

Note: The conference fee DOES NOT cover the accommodation. 

What else to do?

  • Registering as an idividual, fill this form. You will be able to edit your registration after submitting the form.
  • Registering as a group? Fill this form
  • In case, you’ve been allotted a country and a committee; have a look at the background guides for more information here. You can also read more about this on your committee page.
  • Follow us on Facebook to be updated.
  • Check out Accommodation Options in Budapest.
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