General Information


The Forint (HUF), the official national currency, is convertible. The exchange rates applied in Budapest banks, official exchange offices and hotels may vary.

All the major credit cards are accepted in Hungary in places displaying the emblem at the entrance. 
Exchange rate: 1 Euro = 310 HUF (On an average)


The climate of Budapest is continental. All of April, it’s usually nice warm weather can be expected with a max. temperature of 15 °C, while the lowest temperature during the night ranging between 6-10 °C. Rain can however be unpredicatable. 

Useful vocabulary

The most important Hungarian words:

  • yes – igen
  • no – nem
  • hi – szia
  • please – kérem
  • man – Ferfi
  • woman – nő
  • thank you – köszönöm
  • you’re welcome – szívesen
  • good morning – jó reggelt!
  • good evening – jó estét!
  • good bye – viszlát!
  • sorry – sajnálom
  • no problem – nincs semmi baj
  • how are you? – hogy vagy?
  • where is..? – hol van..?
  • I – én
  • you – te
  • I don’t understand – nem értem
  • how much does it cost? – mennyibe kerül?
  • Cheers! – egészségedre!

Public Transport

Budapest’s public transportation systems are operated by the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK). The service includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, underground trains (Metro) and above-ground suburban trains (HÉV). Buses, trams and trolleybuses run daily from 4:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

Tickets or passes must be bought before boarding. They are available at BKK Customer Service Points, tickets offices at Metro stations, from the driver onboard the bus, but best option is to use the vending machines throughout the city. 

For detailed information on public transportation fares and timetables please visit
For smartphones official BKK INFO and BKK FUTÁR apps are available at Google Play and iTunes.

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