Refund Policy

In the unfortunate case, where you aren’t able to make it to BMEMUN 2019 Conference, we will refund as much as possible, depending on the point of time you inform us about your cancellation. Due to the fact that planning and organization requires financial advance planning and securities, we will refund your participation fee in the following way:

Keeping in mind that BMEMUN 2019 will take place from  18-20 March 2019:

  • If the cancellation request has been made up to 3 weeks prior to the conference, a full refund will be awarded.
  • If the cancellation request has been made up to 2 weeks prior to the conference, 50% of the conference fee will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation request has been made within 1 week prior to the conference, no refund will be awarded.

A cancellation request can be sent to the email. The receipt of such a declaration at the recipient is decisive for the timeliness of the resignation. Furthermore, please note, that transaction fees during this process will not be borne by BMEMUN.

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