At BMEMUN you can participate/apply as a Delegate, a member of the Executive Board or as a member of the International Press. 

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Executive Board Member: The Chair man/woman of the committee moderates the debate, keeps time, rules on points and motions, and conduct the rules of procedure. He/she has a considerable MUN experience such that he/she is able to deal with difficult situations and maintain order in the committee.

Delegate: A delegate is a person who takes the role of a representative of a specific country in a committee that is allotted to him/her. A delegate is the major focus of the conference, one who drives the discussion and makes necessary discussions to form solution to the problems that the committee is dealing with.

International Press Member: As the IP, you will tour the conference venues as a blogger, photographer, cameraman and interviewer to keep track of what happens in and out of events and committee sessions. We will compile stories, pictures and videos of the conference for delegates to view.

  • Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis and if successful you will receive an email requesting payment after we receive your application. The details of how to pay will be sent in this email.  
  • Should you need a visa – Please also fill this form here. The BMEMUN team will then send you a visa letter by email. Please note that the letter does not guarantee a visa to be acquired.

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